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I love urban fantasy and paranormal romance! Although I'm not too keen on books that are overly sexy, I don't mind a little heat if it goes along with the story. At the same time, I'll read pretty much anything from classic novels to contemporary fiction.

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Generation Loss - Elizabeth Hand Even Stephen King hasn't made up-state Main this creepy.

Drug-popping, alcoholic Cass Neary made herself famous by documenting the seedy side of the 80's punk movement. Fascinated by death, Cass photographed the bodies of junkies and other unfortunates that she found lying in the back alleys of New York City. But scorning her success, Cass turns her back on fame and foture and, twenty years later, finds herself working part-time in a stockroom. When she gets the chance to do a photo shoot of a woman who is not only a living legend in the world of art and photography, but Cass's idol as well, Cass leaves NYC to venture out to the rugged Maine coast. What Cass finds there, however, are the bizarre remnants of a hippie commune gone bad, a manhunt for a missing teenager, and a terrifying collection of photographs.

This is, hands down, the scariest book I've read in a very long time. Hand's books are always fraught with raw emotion, but she has outdone herself this time. Cass Neary is not a likable character by any standard, yet Hand has managed to make her a heroine to root for. The intensity of the book carried me along to the very last page. At times the book is a traumatic read (the graphic depictions of the punk culture as well as the deteriorating mental state of Cass are at times nearly unbearable) but it is a masterfully-told tale, full of achingly beautiful description.

I highly recommend adding this book to your 'must-read' list!