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Michelle Scott, urban fantasy author

I love urban fantasy and paranormal romance! Although I'm not too keen on books that are overly sexy, I don't mind a little heat if it goes along with the story. At the same time, I'll read pretty much anything from classic novels to contemporary fiction.

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Silenced by the Yams (Barbara Marr Murder Mystery #3) - Karen Cantwell Silenced by the Yams is a face-paced whodunnit with a chick lit kick. The clever humor, twisty plot, and outrageous situations work to make this book as sweet and fluffy as a cone of cotton candy.

My problem is that I don't like cotton candy. Yes, a quick read is a good way to clear the brain between books, but because Yams is so focused on plot and humor, there is very little character development or description. As a result, I didn't have any emotional buy-in and didn't care how the story turned out. I prefer books that I can sink my teeth into.

Although the book gets five stars for humor, quirkiness, and a sound plot, I'd give it two stars for my own personal enjoyment. So I split the difference and went for four stars since this was a nice, easy read.