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I love urban fantasy and paranormal romance! Although I'm not too keen on books that are overly sexy, I don't mind a little heat if it goes along with the story. At the same time, I'll read pretty much anything from classic novels to contemporary fiction.

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Mudbound - Hillary Jordan In the post-WWII south, two families, one white one African American, struggle to survive on a farm in the Mississippi delta. Despite their denial, their fates are tied to each other's.

Mudbound gripped me from the very first page. The tension in this book is so compelling that I couldn't put it down. Although I found myself hating a few of the characters, their stories fascinated me. Strangely, this book reminded me of The Help. Mudbound was much edgier and dark than The Help, but there are a lot of similarities among the setting and attitudes.

There were times when this book angered me so much I wanted to scream at the characters, but on the other hand, my frustration was not a result of poor writing or plotting. It was just that I was so entranced by the story that I took things personally.

I would have given this book 4 1/2 stars if I could have because parts of the ending upset me so much. Laura's choice especially angered me, but at the same time, I realize that a woman in the 1940's had little choice in such matters.