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I love urban fantasy and paranormal romance! Although I'm not too keen on books that are overly sexy, I don't mind a little heat if it goes along with the story. At the same time, I'll read pretty much anything from classic novels to contemporary fiction.

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XBestia (Xenofreak Nation, #1) - Melissa Conway Brynn Vega, a sheltered eighteen-year-old girl, understands two things very well. The first is that genetically modified humans (xenofreaks) are a blight on society. The second is that her father, a xenofreak-hating fanatic is always right.

Brynn is a dutiful daughter, doing whatever her father orders her to do. But when she's kidnapped by the XBestias, a ruthless gang of xenofreaks, she must learn to survive on her own. Even if that means earning the trust of a man who seems determined to put her in harm's way.

I found this book when it was highlighted on an indie book website, and I was immediately hooked by the premise: that the science of bioengineering had advanced enough to where humans could use animal features such as horns and skin to enhance their appearances. What I wasn't prepared for was the tense plot, the strong character of Brynn, and the wonderful love story.

The plot had a wonderful ability to keep the reader guessing. Yet, at the same time, it was never confusing or contrived. The main character, Brynn, may have led a sheltered life, but she was no pushover. Although she sometimes made foolish choices, most of the time she was clever and could find her way out of a tight situation. Also, she never lost her sweetness. Even at the end of the story, when she had to face up to some harsh realities, she didn't harden completely.

The love story, too, was sweet. Scott Harding, the XBestia gang member who was ordered to guard Brynn, had a good guy lurking underneath his hard exterior. The scenes between Scott and Brynn are filled with plenty of emotional and sexual tension (although the story remains a very mild PG-13).

Xenofreak Nation is an outstanding book. The plot moves swiftly, the character are well-rounded and interesting, the tension is marvelous, and the setting is interesting. I will definitely be reading more books by this author.